11 Nov, 2017

What opportunity will WordPress 4.9 bring?

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Since WordPress come into the industry, it charms us every now and then. One after another, it releases another version which is more user-friendly than before. We the WordPress lover, don’t have to wait for Apple products for a year, recently it has declared WordPress 4.9 will be released on mid of November 2017. WordPress users already warmly applauded the beta version of this 4.9 which is experimented in the test site of course.

WordPress is a part and parcel of our daily life. The upcoming WordPress versions got some really cool features that will meet your expectations for sure. After reading through this article you will eventually learn how to use and navigate these new features.

Already 4 consecutive beta version accordingly 4.9 beta1, 4.9 beta2,4.9 beta 3 and 4.9 beta 4 have released in a short period of time. Let’s have a quick glance at it.

Leverage drafting options in the customizer

WordPress 4.9 helps you out to save your theme customization in the draft rather than going live and also sometimes you need to draft for many reasons. Not only that, a button option to remove changes and get back to the previous state. Moreover, you can publish your new theme at any time like scheduling blog post for future.


Share preview link

Share preview link is another new option by which you can preview the Url and also sent it to other people to have a look by clicking the Url whether they have no access to your WordPress login.


Brand new Gallery Widget

WordPress 4.9 surpasses the WP 4.8 media and text widget. Showcasing a new gallery widget which let you make a native WordPress gallery and then fix it up into widget areas easily.
Most importantly, you can set the side bar by choosing the columns, orders and the volume of images.


Video widget

Video widget in WordPress 4.8 support limited display of videos from Youtube and Vimeo only. The upcoming version of WordPress now supports videos from other platform and has oEmbeds options as well.

New media Button into the Text widget

Before WordPress 4.9 arrives you have to write HTML code to add an image. Thanks to WordPress 4.9 cause it adds a button for adding images in text widgets. The “Add Media” button is on top of the widget with visual and text button options. So, people can easily upload the images with a better presentation style.


More flexibility in Code development

For developers, WordPress 4.9 introduces “code mirror editor” to experience a better level of coding. Experience the new code editor when using plug-in/ theme editor, Custom CSS and Custom HTML widgets editor respectively.


Syntax errors

Syntax are highlighted and common code suggestions are presented to fix instantly. Adding an extra security to ensure perfection, users are inhibited to save before fixing up the errors.


Notable UX advancement in Customizer

WordPress 4.9 team give emphasize in theme browsing experience. From the customizer, the user can easily scan between the installed themes and the WordPress.org themes from the storehouse. So that, users can browse, preview and if needed download theme from Customizer.


More remarkable changes

  • From now on shortcodes in text widget are available by default.
  • WordPress will save menus and widgets after switching themes.
  • Easy to activate or deactivate plug-in with singular capabilities.
  • Control over new date or time, global notification, notification overlay, etc. are now easily possible.


WordPress 4.9 brings more user-friendly experience than its previous version. From draft and theme changes in the customizer to core mirror features all are equally important and advanced. Experts suggest using this beta version of nonproduction website. If you learn something new and helpful through this article, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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