11 Dec, 2017

Top 7 WordPress Backup Plugins for 2018

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WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) among bloggers or other small businesses. You got to see a lot of blogs and website made by WordPress nowadays. But unfortunately, it has not ensured (one hundred percent)you a self-backup system. So, there is a high possibility to lose your data and everything that you made by WordPress by a simple accident. Likely you forget to renew your hosting service or you immediately find out, you have not enough credit on your card but and it is the last day.

In 2017, WannaCry is the most devastating ransom attack that infects millions of computers over 100 countries. So, you could be cheated by the hackers and lost your important files, database, theme files etc.

Everybody knows that prevention is better than cure. No problem whether you are free WordPress users or premium, I give you some free and premium backup WordPress plugins that will ensure your safety with full back up.

1.Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is the most accepted WordPress backup plugins on the market right now. The core features that provide you daily, weekly or monthly backups for WordPress. Furthermore, you can save your backup to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Stash (their personal storage), FTP and email backup into your inbox also.


Core features

• Offers 1 Gb free storage after purchasing the plan.
• Take auto backups on Amazon S3, Rackspace cloud, Dropbox, and Stash.
• It comes up with early packages so that no worries of a monthly subscription. You can feel the peace of mind for 1 years with no tension.
• You can easily migrate a new host and also duplicate and restore the sites.
• Enjoy the plugins into other sites that you have mentioned in your plan.

2.UpDraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Updraft Plus is one of the most trusted WordPress backup plugins services. Over 1 million active installations are so far that marks their popularity. It is a free complete backup system that let you store it cloud or download computers.

Core features

• It can backup your WordPress files and others directly to Dropbox, Amazon S3 (or compatible), Google Drive, DreamObjects, Ftp, OpenStack swift, Rackspace cloud and of course email.
• At present, it’s available in 15 languages so far.
• You can schedule multiple daily backups, weekly backups and anything as you wish.
• Its add-ons like site duplicator can handle multiple sites and store up to 100 GB size.


The best WordPress backup plugins that come up completely free. As a result, has outstanding numbers of 400,000 active installations. It sends you WordPress database backup to your preferred emails. It is recommended for those who don’t bother about images only writings and data.

Core features

• Completely free WordPress plugins.
• It allows you to schedule monthly backups.
• Dedicated features are database backups, restore the database and automated backups.
• Best choice for who only want their database backups.


For migration and backups, duplicator is another cool WordPress plugin that has both free and premium versions. It is most famous for migration but also has a backup plugin as well. It lacks behind than other backup plugins cause it has no automated schedule backups in free versions.

Core features

• It leverages you to choose the whole WordPress backup or parts of it.
• It enables you to migrate easily a different host from your current host.
• Premium versions allow schedule backups and also rendering store on popular Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3.


Vault press is a premium plugins that supports backup service and security which is built by Automattic team and also the cofounders of the WordPress. In fact, the active installation numbers are over 90,000. Vaultpress comes with the Jetpack which itself is free but you have to pay for the service so that it can work.

Core features

• Automatic back up your site every day and get real-time back up in business solutions.
• Unlimited backup archives for the business package and 30 days back up for Jetpack personal.
• Scans for infiltrations and malware on a daily or on-demand basis (Business plan only).
• You can easily claim money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied.


Backup WordPress is an excellent WordPress plugin that gives automatic schedule services. People often use shared hosting which requires low memory and this plugin works fine with it. You can backup your complete site, files and also databases.

Core features

• Easy to use, no extra setup required.
• Control multiple schedules.
• You can store backups on Dropbox, Google drive, FTP, etc. by purchasing a premium extensions.
• It is possible to fasten your backups by using zip and mysqldump.

7.WordPress Backup to Dropbox

This WordPress plugins work exactly it sounds, like to save your backup directly to Dropbox. You cannot store backups on Amazon S3, Google drive, etc. As a matter of fact, a Dropbox account is necessary to integrate with this backup and charge money if your data is more than 2 GB.

WordPress- Backup- Dropbox-plugins

Core features

• Give complete file and database backups.
• UI is very simple and easy to navigate.
• Cross browser compatibility.
• Available in 20 languages.

Wrapping Up

You make yourself in an aggrieved situation if you fail to store your WordPress backups on other server or backup plugins. Stop going nuts to think the best backups plugins and chose according to your business size and needs.
If you looking the best free plugins, I recommend you would try Updraftplus for getting the most of it.

But, we all know nothing comes free in life. We rely on Vaultpress, not for the extra security they provide for every file but also the real-time backup and customers service.

The backup plugins won’t lurch you in times of critical situation and protecting your WordPress when no one able to help you out.

However, to enjoy a seamless experience of WordPress, activate backup plugins of WordPress and integrate into the third party like Amazon S3, Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. to store your backups.

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